More than sixty profiles of men and women throughout the UAE whom, through their actions, words and beliefs, set a positive example of hope, determination and progress for the next generation of Emiratis.


Launched on the 17th of September 2015, we tell the stories of 90 Nigerians from all walks of life who share their experiences to motivate, advise and INSPIRE the Nigerian Youth.



In our first book we profile forty-nine notable Omanis, coming from all walks of life. It is an indicative, yet certainly not exhaustive, collection of the Sultanate’s most inspirational men and women.

Here we provide a number of sample portrays. If you want to read all the portrays, contact us!

Those Who Inspire: Hong-Kong

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Those Who Inspire: Mexico

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Why This Collection?

TWI books are not unlike a portable mentor. You could read and study one page per day, and like any good mentor, it will open the mind to new possibilities and ideas, encourage you to seize the day, to realize and actualize your dreams – a book like this will change your life forever.

The spirit of these books lies in the mentor-protégé dynamic. We capture the advice, the stories and the voices of a given society’s most successful individuals: teachers, entrepreneurs, scientists, doctors, humanitarians, athletes, artists, executives, civic leaders – local heroes from all walks of life. Each book combines literally centuries’ worth of experience.

Because our books are aimed toward inspiring younger generations, it is our mission to make sure that each of these books is available to the youth and to the younger workforce.

Through this collection it is our goal to not only promote mentorship within communities, but to actually facilitate it, bringing inspiring figures together with the younger generations in our upcoming events, workshops and forums.

As we continue to expand Those Who Inspire, it is our privilege to learn more about the people behind great countries, great companies and great organizations, and more importantly, to have a positive impact on young people.

The right comment, phrase or advice from a mentor can, in a moment, forever alter the life of a young person for the better.